About Me

I was introduced to the many benefits of massage therapy as a client in 1999, after sustaining an injury which fractured L1 and L2 of my Lumbar spine. I understand back pain and the need for continued pain management which massage offers. It was also then that I built a therapeutic rapport with my massage therapist who I currently still visit for routine appointments. This relationship is one of my most valued. As a client, for several years I have received a 1x per month therapeutic massage. 

I secured my Massage Therapist License in March 2008. I earned my Associates Degree in Massage Therapy from New York College of Heath Professions on December 10, 2007.

I developed and honed skills throughout my rigorous education and work experience that provide a firm foundation in the professional and interpersonal skills I need to facilitate my success as a sole practioner.

I feel that I benefit from my client status first to truly appreciate the gift of massage therapy. I honor my position as a Licensed Massage Therapist. I have now increased my own therapeutic massage to 2x per month so that I may provide the best massage services to my growing clientele.

My Promise as a Massage Therapist:

  • To provide my clients with a Safe Haven to allow their body to experience a heightened wellness that will transcend in every day living.
  • I will ground myself to be able to provide an untainted exchange in the Energy work that I will provide them.
  • I will inform my clients of different ways to better their lives by incorporating simple stretches that can be practiced in the privacy of their homes or on the run at work to maintain a more flexible way of living.
  • I will provide them with detailed information on the different modalities that I offer.
  • I will suggest reading and reference materials for all clients, especially those seeking to expand their knowledge.

I thank you in advance for allowing me to be a part of helping to optimize your body's functions.

Gift Certificates Available Upon Request.

Gratuities are Always Appreciated.

Accepted forms of payment include cash, debit cards and most credit cards with a convenience fee of $3. 

Best Wishes towards a Happy and Healthier You!

You are Worth it!